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What is the difference between eMoney, MFG Insight, and MyFinancialPlanner360?

eMoney: eMoney is the software program that is utilized by financial professionals for the financial planning process

MFG Insight: MFG Insight is Mersberger Financial Group’s proprietary version of the eMoney software which allows us to create financial plans, aggregate assets, monitor goal progress, and discuss goal planning with clients of Mersberger Financial Group, Inc.

MyFinancialPlanner360: MyFinancialPlanner360 is a subsidiary of Mersberger Financial Group which uses the MFG Insight version of the eMoney software to create financial plans, aggregate assets, monitor progress, and discuss goal planning with clients of MyFinancialPlanner360. 

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Will I have a specific financial advisor I am working with?

You will work with our team of licensed financial professionals which means that you will not be assigned a specific individual to help facilitate your plan. Instead, you will have access to a team of multiple fiduciary licensed financial consultants working with you to help you reach your specified goals.

How do I sign up for the subscription?

Email: Sign up by emailing us at to request an initial consultation.

Website: Request a consultation through our form on the Contact Us page.

Demo: Sign up at the end of the demo to start creating your profile. Try free demo here.

Once you request a consultation, a consultant will reach out to you to begin the process.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by emailing us at with the words “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” in the subject line.

Your subscription will be canceled upon request per the terms of the billing agreement. Subscription cancellations will need to be requested before the 15th of the month to avoid charges for the following month. Cancellation requests made after the 15th of the month will go into effect the following billing cycle. Your subscription will not be terminated until the end of your billing cycle date. For example, a canceled subscription before August 15th will result in a termination date as of August 31st whereas a canceled subscription request after August 15th will result in termination as of September 30th with September being the final billing cycle.

How does the billing work?

Billing takes place as an automatic withdrawal on the 1st of the month from the payment method you choose during enrollment. The enrollment process requires an implementation fee for the initial consultation to get your plan implemented. Also included in that fee is the time frame from enrollment until your first billing period since there isn’t a prorated amount for enrolling during a current billing cycle. The implementation fee covers that portion and your initial billing period will begin the following 1st of the month. For example, if you sign up on February 14th, your implementation fee will cover the remaining portion of February and your first billing period begins March 1st.

Are there any additional fees I will be charged other than the subscription fee?

No, the monthly subscription fee is the only fee you will be charged. The initial consultation fee is charged upon beginning your subscription as a one-time fee when you sign up.

Does the myFP360 planning team act in a fiduciary capacity?

Yes, your myFP360 team will always act in a fiduciary capacity. Since the service is subscription-based and not centered around any sales or products you never have to worry about why something is being recommended. Our compensation will not change regardless of what recommendations are made so we will simply recommend what we believe to truly be in your best interest.