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Our Company

MyFinancialPlanner360 is a subsidiary of Mersberger Financial Group, Inc. that is a subscription-based model aimed at providing goals-based financial planning to individuals who are in need of financial guidance. The main focus of this service is to assist individuals to attain financial success and to achieve their goals using a method that may better fit their lifestyle by extending our services and advice through the use of technology.

This service offers individuals to have access to a team of licensed financial professionals who might otherwise be excluded due to the traditional compensation model of the financial advisory industry where advisor's compensation is commission-based or is fee-based (the amount of investable assets that are being managed by that advisor).

MyFinancialPlanner360 differs from the traditional compensation model by being a subscription-based model tailored to that individual’s needs. It also takes into consideration the fast-paced lifestyle of individuals and accommodates by offering services virtually through MFG Insight software, phone conferences, email, and webinars while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Our Fiduciary Planning

MyFinancialPlanner360 uses Goals-Based Planning which has been proven to be a very effective technique to help individuals identify, plan for, and accomplish important financial goals. Rather than focusing on a specific investment product or strategy, MyFinancialPlanner360 focuses on a comprehensive planning approach centered around an individual’s most important goals. This service is objective since the fees are subscription-based and not tied to any specific investment product or strategy.

Our Technology

eMoney is a software program utilized by financial professionals to assist with the financial planning process. MFG Insight is our proprietary version of the eMoney software which allows us to:

  • Create Personalized Financial Plans
  • Aggregate Assets
  • Review Asset Allocations
  • Track Spending
  • Build Budgets
  • Monitor Goal Progress
  • View Reports
  • and much more

All of these areas of planning and more is what we can offer you as a subscriber to myFP360!