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MyFinancialPlanner360 is a subscription-based model aimed at providing goals-based financial planning to individuals who are in need of financial guidance.

MyFinancialPlanner360 is made up of a team of Financial Advisors whose main focus is to offer advice that is in the client’s best interest.

This is often referred to as being a fiduciary. By having a transparent subscription fee model, we can offer advice to our clients that is objective.


Monthly subscription through two versions tailored to your specific financial situation.

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Cutting edge software and licensed fiduciary financial professionals offering guidance and customized plans for you.

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Our Team

Licensed financial professionals specializing in all areas of the financial planning process.

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Rather than focusing on a specific investment product or strategy, MyFinancialPlanner360 focuses on a holistic planning approach centered around your most important goals. Since the fees are subscription based and not tied to any specific investment product or strategy, our services are objective and independent.

MyFinancialPlanner360 uses eMoney, a robust software program to aggregate assets, expenses, and income sources to help meet specific goals you design. 

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